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How much storage capacity are you
wasting on inactive and copy data? 

Get a Data Discovery Audit.

We'll calculate out how much capacity you could recoup from primary servers, backups and cloud and how much you'd save.

Over 80% of all enterprise data has not been accessed in over a year. With multi-cloud adoption on the rise, Cloud storage is also being wasted on copies of that same inactive, high-value data you can’t afford to lose.  Stop throwing money away and find out how to slash your storage costs by reducing storage waste.


We'll analyze the storage profiles for up to three servers and a maximum of ten repositories (folder or logical drive) spread over those servers, and send you a report featuring the highlights. 

No thanks, I like wasting my storage budget

See what other agencies saved:

   79% Offloaded

   75% Offloaded

FREE Data Discovery FAQ

How long does it take?  No more than an hour to setup, then 30 mins per resource

What does report cover? How much inactive data you could offload to save capacity

Can you filter by file type? Yes, we can include or ignore any file types you like

Need access to my servers? We need local administrator access to all files

Will you copy any data? No, discovery is passive analysis of file demographics

No thanks, I like wasting my storage budget

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