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Banking and Financial Services

Banking and financial services companies are among the most regulated in the world due to the vast amounts of sensitive data they deal with on a regular basis.


Protecting their sensitive data on a restorVault Compliant Cloud Archive to address PCI DSS, SOX, and state privacy laws can mean the difference between a public breach notification and having a safe harbor.


restorVault CCA provides both in-flight and at rest encryption with a patented key management system to ensure data security and compliance.

And restorVault Virtual Data Access will assure over 90% faster data recovery in case of a disaster or ransomware attack onto either on-prem or hybrid cloud server systems.


Government and Education

Government and Education organizations looking to reduce IT CAPEX costs for data storage and backup infrastructure and to protect against disasters and ransomware attacks are implementing cloud backup strategies.


However, current cloud backup solutions can't help reduce storage and backup infrastructure CAPEX costs and in the event of a disaster or ransomware attack, data recovery from cloud backups could take days or weeks,

restorVault Virtual Cloud Storage solves both of these business problems.

Once data is archived to restorVault VCS, server storage can be reduced over 90% using Virtual Data File shortcuts.


And in the event of a disaster or ransomware attack, restorVault Virtual Data Access can restore data access over 90% faster than other cloud backup solutions.

Healthcare and Dental

restorVault Virtual Cloud Storage is a HIPAA/HITECH certified solution that integrates transparently with both Medical and Dental Picture Archive and Communication Systems (PACS) to archive and protect X-ray and CT Scan images and files.


restorVault Compliant Cloud Archive also integrates with several Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.

Once data is protected in restorVault CCA , server storage reduction can be achieved using Virtual Data Files that replace large data files with shortcuts for transparent cloud data access.


Finally, with restorVault's Virtual Data Access businesses are assured the industries fastest data recovery in case of a disaster or ransomware attack.


Legal and Forensic Evidence

Legal and Forensic Evidence organizations have unique compliance challenges for their data.  The U.S. Federal Rules of Evidence (CFR 28, 29) outline requirements for the handling of evidentiary data in order to ensure its admissibility in a court of law.

And today, the explosive growth of video data collected by Body Worn Camera's (BWC) makes auditing Chain-of-Custody much more challenging.

restorVault Compliant Cloud Archive fingerprints all files to make its history and content unalterable and maintains an audit trail of file accesses. Legal holds can be placed on files in restorVault Compliant Cloud Archive, overriding other access policies. 

restorVault CCA, your Legal and Forensic Evidence cloud storage solution.

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