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Thinking of moving to the cloud but your data requirements prevent you.  Public cloud services like AWS, Azure and Google all offer on-demand cloud computing services but their data services are not on-demand and your data could lock you in for expensive ongoing charges for data storage. And if you need copies of your data for business operations like DevOps, QA Testing and Training you end up paying for each of those copies as much as you pay for your primary copy.  And once they have your data in 

their cloud, you may be locked in with penalties for moving data off of their services.  


Eliminate these issues with

restorVault  Virtual Data Access.


restorVault Virtual Data Access

mitigates cloud lock-in and the need for

massive amounts of data storage on

cloud computing services. By virtualizing access to all of you server data but only moving the data you need to the cloud will save you over 80% of costs per copy of data.


restorVault Virtual Data Access. 

Your data, in the cloud, with no lock-in!

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What You Need to Know

How can restorVault reduce my on-prem and cloud storage costs?

restorVault’s intelligent data virtualization technology transforms large server data files into very small file pointers that retain the same location and properties of the original file that provide on-demand access to the data stored in restorVault.  These virtual data files can reduce the storage server storage space over 80% on both on-prem and cloud based file servers.

In case of a ransomware attack, how long would it take to recover access to all my data backed up to restorVault?

restorVault’s Virtual Data Access can restore access to millions of files in minutes, regardless of the size of the files.  Once restorVault has rebuilt and restored the server’s file system with virtual data files access to the data is available immediately.  Applications can be brought back on-line and users can access the critical business data they need on-demand.

What is the minimum and maximum cloud storage requirements that best utilizing restorVault services?

The range of cloud storage requirements is between 1000 GB and  3000 GB. Any requirement beyond 3000 GB could be considered one a one-off basis.

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