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Trusted Cloud Storage

Your trusted vault for multi-cloud storage, archive and DR

You may be wasting as much as 80% of your current storage on inactive data. Find out how much capacity you could recoup.

Trusted Storage

Superior protection and faster recovery


Compliant Cloud Archive


Secure Cloud Backup

Virtualized Access

Capacity savings driving 80% lower cost


Offload Data Virtualization


Copy Data Virtualization

Retain, protect, access and restore your most valued data for a fraction of the cost of conventional cloud storage

We store and protect compliance and other high-value unstructured data in trusted vaults in the cloud, and give you virtualized access to it from anywhere. This eliminates unnecessary data replication and lets you recoup up to 80% of your on-prem, backup and cloud storage capacity.

It's Storage, Archive and DR in One!

Better Protection

Tamperproof cloud storage with retention policies and assured data integrity

Faster Recovery

Using virtual files cuts recovery downtime from days or weeks to hours

Large Savings

Trusted storage plus virtualization means up to 80% less storage
capacity is needed 

Trusted for compliance and mission-critical data by:


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