Trusted Storage

restorVault provides two ways to economically store compliance data and other high-value unstructured data in the cloud, in protected vaults. They differ in the version control and retention policies applied.


Compliant Cloud

Archive (CCA)

CCA provides long-term retention and on-demand access to unstructured compliance data, that may not be altered in any way.

• Legal retention 7-30 years
• Automatic retention policies
• Impervious to ransomware
• Secure real-time file access
• Trusted Systems compliant
• Compliance audit trail


Secure Cloud Backup (SCB)

SCB provides a hot-standby cloud backup capability that allows for complete disaster or ransomware recovery in mins not days.

• 30-day version regression
• 500x faster DR than typical
• Impervious to ransomware
• Secure real-time file access
• No data recovery fees


Virtualized Access

With immutable CCA or SCB data vaults now made accessible in the cloud, virtualized access to that data can lower your on-prem and cloud capacity needs up to 80%.


Offload Data Virtualization (ODV)

ODV frees-up precious capacity on primary servers by offloading inactive data to a protected CCA or SCB vault, based on policies.

• Only active files stay local
• Conserves primary capacity
• Allows on-demand access
• Prolongs system lifespan


Copy Data Virtualization (CDV)

CDV allows fast data replication in the cloud through virtualized access to protected CCA or SCB data vaults for functions such as Q/A, Dev, Training, DR test etc.

• Avoids data duplication
• Uses 80% less cloud storage
• Spin up new servers in mins
• More servers, more savings
• Fraction of usual costs