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Virtual Cloud Storage Explained

Like it or not, ~80% of your storage capacity is wasted on inactive files. Files you don't use, but can't afford to lose. So you back them up, and then you back them up again. What a waste!

What if you could move them to a tamperproof vault, and only keep a pointer (like a bookmark) locally.

Then, whenever you access the pointer, it instantly fetches the archived original file in real time.

You wouldn’t need to backup inactive files anymore, only the "bookmarks". Backups would be ~1/5th the size and restore faster, and your drives would have space again, so you wouldn't need to buy more.

1 TB of Trusted Storage lets you recoup 3 TB from primary, backup and cloud.

 Inactive Data: Do you know what it is costing you?

If you're concerned about your IT budget, this May 2023 webinar edited down to a fast-paced 20 mins, provides a full explanation of how we solve the inactive data problem, and how you could permanently cut your storage costs in half!

How does it work

Trusted Storage

We safely store files in the cloud, so you can 100% trust the gold-copy archive

Virtualized Access

We virtualize access, so those files can be reached on-demand from any server

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