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What's the Big Idea?

Like it or not, ~80% of your storage capacity is wasted on inactive files. Files that you don't use, but can't afford to lose. So you back them up, and then you back them up again. What a waste!

What if you could move them to a tamperproof vault, and only keep a stub (like a bookmark) locally.

Then, whenever you access the stub, it would instantly fetch the archived file for you in real time.

You wouldn’t need to backup inactive files anymore, only the "bookmarks". Backups would be ~1/5th the size and restore faster, and your drives would have space again, so you wouldn't need to buy more.

For every TB of Trusted Cloud Storage you have, you can recoup 3 TB from primary, backup and cloud.


Read on to understand how:

1) We safely store files in the cloud, so you can 100% trust the gold-copy archive

2) We virtualize access, so those files can be reached on-demand from any server

Trusted Storage

restorVault provides two ways to safely store compliance data and other high-value unstructured data in the cloud, in protected vaults. They differ in the version control and retention policies applied.

Compliant Cloud
Archive (CCA)

CCA provides long-term retention and on-demand access to unstructured compliance data, that may not be altered in any way.

• Legal retention 7-30 years
• Automatic retention policies
• Impervious to ransomware
• Secure real-time file access
• Trusted Systems compliant
• Compliance audit trail

Secure Cloud Backup (SCB)

SCB provides a hot-standby cloud backup capability that allows for complete disaster or ransomware recovery in mins not days.

• 30-day version regression
• 500x faster DR than typical
• Impervious to ransomware
• Secure real-time file access
• No data recovery fees


Virtualized Access

Once you have immutable CCA or SCB data vaults in the cloud, virtualized access to that data lowers your on-prem, backup and cloud capacity requirements as much as 80%.

Offload Data Virtualization (ODV)

ODV frees-up precious capacity on primary servers by offloading inactive data to a protected CCA or SCB vault, based on policies.

• Only active files stay local
• Conserves primary capacity
• Allows on-demand access
• Prolongs system lifespan

Copy Data Virtualization (CDV)

CDV allows fast data replication in the cloud through virtualized access to protected CCA or SCB data vaults for functions such as Q/A, Dev, Training, DR test etc.

• Avoids data duplication
• Uses 80% less cloud storage
• Spin up new servers in mins
• More servers, more savings
• Fraction of usual costs

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