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Knowing What Data You Have is the First Step: Benefits of a Data Discovery Audit

Updated: May 15, 2023

In today's digital world, businesses are generating more data than ever. This data can be a valuable asset, but it can also be a liability if it is not managed correctly. A restorVault Data Discovery Audit can help businesses to classify their data, identify inactive data, and develop a plan to manage their data more effectively to ensure it consumes less costly enterprise storage and represents less of a liability, especially regarding the ransomware threat.

A restorVault Data Discovery Audit provides the following benefits:

· Identifying inactive data: The Data Discovery Audit can help businesses identify data that has not been accessed in a predetermined period of time. The data can then be reviewed for ongoing business needs, regulatory compliance, or eDiscovery. If the data is no longer needed, it can be defensibly disposed of to free up enterprise storage space.

· Projecting data growth: The Data Discovery Audit also allows businesses to more accurately project data growth over a 5-year horizon ensuring unneeded enterprise storage is not purchased.

· Revealing storage savings: The Data Discovery Audit will help businesses to identify opportunities to save money on purchasing unneeded additional servers, backup storage equipment upgrades and refreshes, and new hardware support agreements. This is done by identifying the data that can be deleted, consolidated, or moved to a less expensive storage tier.

· Reducing ransomware risk: The Data Discovery Audit can help businesses reduce their risk of ransomware/extortionware attacks by classifying their data more accurately. Companies can then develop a more specific plan to protect their most important data from attack while reducing the size of critical resources. Taking active ransomware defensive measures also can reduce your organization’s cyber-liability insurance rates.

· Reducing recovery downtime: Data discovery can help businesses to reduce their recovery downtime (RPO and RTO) in the event of a disaster. By identifying and classifying inactive data that can be offloaded from primary servers, backup size and recovery time can be dramatically reduced.

· Improving data management and compliance: A restorVault Data Discovery Audit can help businesses to improve their data management and compliance practices. By identifying and accurately classifying their data, companies can ensure that their data is managed in accordance with their compliance requirements and regulations.

If you are looking for a way to improve your data management practices, a restorVault Data Discovery Audit is a great place to start. Request a free Data Discovery Audit as soon as possible.

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